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Kathy Bitschenauer


I have a suggestion that goes along with Nancy's comment about streamlining dinner time.

Where I live in Pierce County, Washington State, we have several type of prepared meal businesses. One, called The Supper Club, is typical. This business prepares dinners and freezes them in Ziploc bags, with preparation instruction printed on a label affixed to the bag. When you want to have dinner, just take out a meal,heat, and eat. These meals are prepared with fresh meats and ingredients, and do not have preservatives and other additives. They're health! The other cool benefit is that you can order online or by phone, and pick the number selection of meals at their store. You can buy a month's worth of meals at a time.

This came in very handy for me when I was in an othropedic boot healing from a stress fracture, and getting around with crutches and a wheelchair. It was difficult for me to prepare meals. It saved time for my hubby, who works nights, too!

Cindy Cornell

I'd like to echo Kathy's suggestion. There is a great new service in Norwalk, CT called Cookin'Dinners ( The owner, George Gardone, is wonderful to work with and will either let you package your own meals or he'll do it for you. Menus vary each month and the quality is wonderful. Bon Appetite!


Seems to me that this is a great business idea for a Mom who wants to work at home (and who is also a good cook).

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