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Soni Conville

How motherhood made a positive difference in the workplace:

1) Cooking while talking on the phone and entertaining a fussy baby on my hip taught me how to effectively multitask at the office.

2) The mental gymnastics required to prevent toddler meltdown taught me to think on my feet when asked to do a last-minute presentation with no preparation.

3) I learned how to handle a whiny, cranky human being who makes unreasonable demands -- and my daughter, too.


Before I had kids if someone asked me to pull an "all nighter" I would. Now that I have 3 kids and a husband to think about, I no longer allow work to become the focus of my life. Believe it or not, management values me and my time more, now that I have less of it for them!

Nothing is valuable when it's free!

J Murphy

Having kids has helped me to be more the person I want to be, rather than the kind of person I think I have to be to get ahead. These days I'm always thinking, "Is this the example I would want to set for my kids?" It has helped me to re-examine my priorities and be more conscious of how I'm behaving and how I'm treating others.

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