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Barbara S

There is no guaranteed way to make sure you find the right match, not to mention a hardworking and willing partner in the child rearing adventure we call parenthood. However, here are a few questions I’ve found helpful in my years of hiring and keeping good nannies as good questions for a candidate’s references that I'd like to share:

Questions for the Reference Call:

First –
How long have you known her?
Is she honest and dependable?

Likes a lot of direction vs. prefers to handle independently?

? flexible / open to constructive criticism?

Seen her deal with difficulty? With change?

What didn’t she like / how did she handle?
What makes her frustrated?

Is she mature?

What has she learned from her work with you?

From a neatness standpoint: Meticulous vs. laid back?

Go beyond your requests / care enough to pitch in and help where needed?

Is she a caring type? Did she become attached to your children?
How do they feel to know she is going away?

Hope these are helpful.

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